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During any retail, service or entertainment experience we, the customer, have very high standards and expect to be treated in a certain way – and online gambling is no exception. The marketplace is worldwide and choice is high for players and therefore it is very competitive. Online gambling sites will vie for our attention in any way they can, attempting to make their offers the most attractive around. Often, players will find a site, or a small selection of sites which they feel suit them best and stick to them meaning that from a customer service point of view, loyalty is key.

There are many methods which websites use to try and attract and secure customers. The tone is really important for a casino site – welcoming and friendly, up to date and exciting and of course promoting the biggest jackpots and the most opportunities to win. Another way to tempt players is by associating online bingo games or slot machine games with well known brands or franchises. Popular television shows, films, famous actors and characters are all well used positive associations to help gain our trust. Most casino websites will get these elements right, but the real test of customer service comes if a player needs to actually contact a human being behind the site.

The first level of customer service contact in this case will be to direct players to an FAQ or ‘frequently asked questions’ page where hopefully the answer to their query will be immediately obvious. The next level is contact via email, and here it is ideal if replies are reliably sent within a particular time frame which should be stated on the site. And finally the ultimate in customer care is a 24/7 phone hotline for players to call and actually speak to someone straight away.

When choosing which online casino site is for you take all of these things into consideration and you are bound to choose a reputable, well set up and professional service that is just right for your needs.

Last Updated 13 August 2017
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