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Gambling and especially online gambling can lead to problems. Even though Gamble Crazy is a gambling-related website and we do promote gambling we see no way around admitting the fact that certain people are indeed prone to becoming addicted to gambling and to eventually destroying their lives on account of something that should never have been more than harmless fun.

The attitude that you take towards gambling in the beginning is of utmost importance. Some people regard gambling as entertainment, and if they do lose they write the money down as the fee they had to pay for their kicks.


This is the healthiest attitude you can adopt. Viewing gambling as a potential source of revenue is the shortest path towards tilting, chasing losses and allowing things to spin out of control. Treat gambling as entertainment, and if you manage to hammer that into your system, you'll never lose more than you can afford to.


Be aware of the fact that people can and will be changed by the game, especially if they get lucky and turn a nice income on it. A person who starts off treating gambling as an afternoon pastime, may end up as a day-long grinder if he/she wins big once and begins to realize that there is potential in it.


Do not allow yourself to be changed by the game, look at it from a mathematical perspective: that will give you a clear insight into the matter. Also, know that online gambling is potentially more addictive than live casino play. Many people feel intimidated to go into a casino, on account of the special atmosphere there.


Travelling to brick and mortar establishments also involves costs, so those who are not expressly interested in gambling, simply never go there. An online casino on the other hand, is accessible to everyone, and enjoying the relative anonymity provided by the internet, nobody will be intimidated either.


If you do somehow get caught up in the flow, check yourself for early symptoms and seek help as soon as you can. Here are a few signs that should clue you in as to whether you are turning into an addict yourself:


If you find yourself thinking about gambling all the time, that's an early sign that things may be going awry. Try to stay away from the online casino for a while in such cases, until your system cleans itself up. Just for this purpose, many online gambling establishments have self-exclusion features, through which a player can request not to be allowed to play there for a while, or even indefinitely.


It is not in the interest of online poker rooms or online casinos to completely destroy you. Serious operations will do everything they can to keep you from turning your life upside down, and they will indeed enforce your self-exclusion request.


When you know you're overdoing it, yet you're unable to stop, or even to take a break, then you know the problem is deepening. Since the best thing to do when you find yourself in a hole is to stop digging, try to get your attention caught up with something else, at least for a while. Take a break whenever you hit losing streaks, and do not go chasing your losses.


If you suddenly realize that you're neglecting your family, business or school on account of spending too much time in front of your computer screen gambling, stop, take a step back and consider getting help.


Feeling extremely high after a winning session might seem normal, but it may also be the sign that the whole thing has grown to mean too much for you. Feeling down after a loss is the symptom of the same problem.


If you feel like your life is a grey ocean of boredom whenever you're not gambling, you're probably already hooked.


Remember, at the end of the day, you determine how big an importance in life you attribute to gambling, however circumstances may often conspire against you and make you do things you would never have thought yourself capable of.


Do not underestimate the dangers, but know that reasonable, cold-headed thinkers can enjoy gambling for what it is, without getting entangled in its dark side.


Last Updated 23 July 2016
Responsible Gambling

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