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So, which online casinos are worth checking out, and which ones aren't? I'll get to the answer in a second but first let's cover some of the factors that should affect your decision. Ask yourself, do you just want to play poker, or maybe you'd like to play bingo or casino slots as well? If you're looking to expand your gaming repertoire, here are some things to think about when you're trying to pick the best online casino

The bigger the room the safer it is. Maybe that tiny room will offer some huge poker bonus, or maybe it's the first room you've ever played at and you've gotten used to it. But what will happen six months from now? Is your poker money being held in a segregated account? Is the rake fair? Do you know if there's any collusion in the games? Do you really want to play
poker at a place where you don't even know if your money is safe?

Of course, you're playing to win, who isn't? But, what's better, playing with the same six guys all the time, or playing with a multinational crowd? Whether it's a German winning a multi-million dollar poker tournament, or a Frenchman who can't be stopped at the roulette wheel casino en linge is a rapidly growing market), the more the merrier.

1 Want a big poker sign-up bonus? How about some slots freeplay? Bigger rooms have more bonuses. Not to mention the huge bad beat jackpots and progressive jackpots.

Bigger rooms have more games. So the little room you're at has some great kind of stud that you love, does that game ever run? What's the use of sitting at a crazy pineapple table if there's no one there to play with you? Sure, raking in pot after pot is awesome, but sometimes a man has to hit up the blackjack table and split some aces too.

2 Generally, the bigger the room, the better the rewards. Want a site that has great freerolls? How about some awesome player rewards? Or more types of casino slots than you can imagine? The big boys have the money to do it.

Online betting is changing, rapidly. There was a time when online poker, poker en ligne if you're one of our French readers) was the only game in town, enter online bingo, online backgammon, online slots, etc. If there's something you want to bet on, pretty good chance somebody's beat you to it.

Party's the largest site on the internet, and it hits all the points above. they've got great bonuses, and their software is fantastic. It's the best online betting site around. You can even play bingo if you want!

Backgammon, the game of kings, is one of the many options available with the Party network. Here's some info on backgammon tournaments available at Party:

Tournaments are the biggest backgammon challenge going. Whether you're playing for big bucks or just small change, taking on and defeating a field of backgammon players is just about as intense as it gets. Since the length of a match is limited, any player can take on a world class player on a lucky day and win. At, we have many tournaments and huge prize pools. If you are new to backgammon tournaments and want to know more, then this is the place to find out.
A backgammon tournament is composed of several players. The winner of each round advances to the next round, while the loser is eliminated (single elimination). Knockout matches are played until one player emerges as the tournament's overall winner.
Tournaments will be of either fixed length or progressive length (the matches become longer as a player advances).
To join a tournament, you must pay a buy-in and a fee. Generally, the more people who join a tournament, the greater the potential winnings.
Varieties of tournaments
There are two types of tournaments:
Regular tournaments - these are pre-arranged, with a fixed starting time, which is announced on the site.
Sit &Go tournaments - these are available 24/7, and just need the required number of players to register in order to begin.

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Last Updated 21 February 2013
Poker Rooms - Play Big or Small

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